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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your love and support for my QUARANTINE COMPOSITIONS. When I sit down to write them, it’s how I know it’s Saturday.
Well, we’ve had about enough of the string quartet (at least for now), so this week’s offering – VENTILATORS AND WHISKEY – is something completely different.

I want to thank my beautiful sister

Kathleen for the title.
We were Facetiming (as we do these days) and she mentioned that, in addition to all the masks she’s been making (they’re amazing), what she would most like to send our healthcare workers are VENTILATORS AND WHISKEY.*
Damn right.

I also want to thank my dear friend

Jonathan for his bass trombone video bites, and for reminding me how insanely beautiful all that low brass is.
Now, go pour yourself a single malt (‘cuz it’s 5pm somewhere). Remember to make a ruckus for our healthcare workers every night at 7pm, and enjoy VENTILATORS AND WHISKEY.
* I was also completely devastated by the story of some ER nurses holding the iPhone for their patients so they could FaceTime their family to say goodbye. Heartbreaking. I found I was captivated by the thought of how much life you can live in just one breath.

Kevin Saunders Hayes

Ventilators and Whiskey


Episode 3 from Quarantine Stories, the weekly series of original music inspired by the fear, hope, tragedy and everyday weirdness of life that was New York City during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

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