Quarantine Compositions

Monday morning couldn’t guarantee, but I can. I guarantee that there will be a brand spanking new QUARANTINE COMPOSITION, complete with that new tune smell, waiting for you on social media platforms everywhere on Monday mornings (for a while I’m thinking).

What have you got for us this Memorial Day Monday, you ask? Well, a march of some kind might have been apropos, but who wants to start the day with a march? Just ask Mrs. Souza. So this week, we’re proud to bring you BRICKWALL BEACH.

Our apartment has this little “backyard”. It’s a little patch of cement that used to house the industrial air conditioning units of the office building behind us. Until they took them out.

For New Yorkers, this is a *very* big deal. A little patch of outside you can call your own. Victoria bought lounge chairs (with cup holders), and it’s just warm enough for us to now go out to “the beach”.

It’s surrounded on three sides with brick walls, and a rickety old wooden fence on the other. But it’s ours (for now) and voila, this week’s indulgence, BRICKWALL BEACH.

In closing, I also want to say that you should never listen to Frank Zappa… or you should always listen to Frank Zappa before you write. So thank you Scott Brown and Jonathan Hooper for the FB thread that lead me to a video of Frank performing Montana (background vocals performed by Tina Turner & The Ikettes).

This year’s crop of dental floss is looking pretty good, so, Yippy-Aye-O-Ty-Ay.

A dental floss tycoon you say? Cool. Here’s your download.

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