It all makes sense! Oh, and welcome back to another episode of Quarantine Compositions – my weekly series of original music I write just for you.

I see it now. It all makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Alien DNA. It’s so obvious. Why else would the people sworn to protect us murder African-Americans, while guys in Hawaiian shirts run around with automatic weapons screaming about how the deadliest virus in 100 years is fake (but if you insert a UV light up your backside and drink 8 ounces of bleach it’ll protect you “just in case”) and that this fake virus is just a decoy to help the pizza parlor in Washington DC that’s the center of a world child trafficking (and cannibalizing) consortium while self-proclaimed Islamophobes are becoming elected officials in our government?

I mean, that’s… nuts.

But, if we have UFOs beaming people up to their saucers and injecting some crazy Alien DNA into our bodies with their anal probes, well, don’t you see… it all makes SENSE!!

I mean, even the US Air Force is fessing up to flying saucers now! It’s real people, and even if it’s not, I’m going with it, ‘cuz it’s the only thing that makes any freaking sense.

Until next week. Wear a mask. Be kind to each other. Vote.

Oh, and tie one leg to your bed post just in case the aliens try and beam you up in your sleep.

Beam up a download here:

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